Who is Wisdom Running for?

For non-professional athletes.
For those who ran the first marathon, and those who didn’t.
For those who are just about to start running, and those who quit.
For those who don’t understand why people around are addicted to running.
For those who want to enrich their lives with running and make it right from the very beginning.
And for their friends and families.

Why Wisdom Running?

A lot of articles in WWW are written by professional content writers who don’t necessarily practice running. They know how to create posts that will be easily found on Google but don’t actually address runners’ question or problem. Other articles are written by professional athletes that struggle to comprehensively present their ideas or do it in a very complicated and fragmented way.

Being obsessed about running at heart and content creators by vocation, we made Wisdom Running a source of truth for running beginners, amateurs, and enthusiasts. We want to make wisdom thoughts and running advice accessible, easy to understand, and actionable.

Write for Wisdom Running

We encourage runners with great ideas to contribute. Our team will help you create a really useful article compliant with our editorial standards. Each article should:

  • be based on a personal running experience
  • uncover unique insight that wasn’t revealed anywhere earlier
  • have sufficient facts, details, and examples to support the main statement
  • deliver ideas in an easy way using clear language.


We would love to learn what we can do better. We really appreciate your support and feedback. In case you found an error or didn’t find the information you were looking for—drop us a line.

Contact: [email protected]